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The JavaScript Ecosystem for Server-rendered Web-Applications

Hotwire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire.

Faster. Smarter.

Breathe life into your server-rendered applications by progressively enhancing them into full SPA-like applications. Hotwire's JavaScript sprinkles add just the right touch of interactivity, transforming your web experience without the need for a fully-blown front-end framework.

Rich Ecosystem

Unlock a world of possibilities with Hotwire's rich ecosystem. Explore a wide range of tools, plugins, and resources to streamline your web development projects.

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Optimized for productivity

Intuitive features and robust tools empower you to focus on what truly matters—building exceptional web applications.

JavaScript Sprinkles

Enhance your user interface with just the right amount of JavaScript. Hotwire's JavaScript sprinkles add interactivity without overwhelming your codebase.

Powerful Core

Access powerful core libraries that simplify complex tasks. Hotwire provides the essential building blocks to create fast, interactive web applications effortlessly.

Hybrid Native Applications

Take your web apps to the next level with Turbo Native. Build hybrid native applications using your existing web development skills and Hotwire's magic.

Plug-n-Play Ecosystem

Effortlessly extend and customize your Hotwire applications with our plug-n-play ecosystem. Discover a wealth of third-party integrations and tools.


A vibrant ecosystem of developers, enthusiasts, and innovators. Connect, collaborate, and learn from fellow members who share your passion for crafting exceptional web experiences.

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Integrates with your favorite SSR-framework

Integrate Hotwire seamlessly into your preferred SSR-framework. The flexibility of the Hotwire approach supports a wide range of tech stacks.

Turn your framework into a full-stack framework

Hotwire is the catalyst that transforms your backend framework into a complete full-stack powerhouse. It's not just an extension; it's the missing link that takes your web development to the next level.

Integrates with your favorite framework

Framework Integrations

The Hotwire approach is compatible with any server-side rendered framework.

Official and Third-Party Plugins

Rich Plugin System

Effortlessly extend and customize your Hotwire applications with our plug-n-play ecosystem. Discover a wealth of third-party integrations and tools.

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