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Attributes and Meta Tags

Data Attributes

The following data attributes can be applied to elements to customize Turbo’s behaviour.

  • data-turbo="false" disables Turbo Drive on links and forms including descendants. To reenable when an ancestor has opted out, use data-turbo="true". Be careful: when Turbo Drive is disabled, browsers treat link clicks as normal, but native adapters may exit the app.
  • data-turbo-track="reload" tracks the element’s HTML and performs a full page reload when it changes. Typically used to keep script and CSS link elements up-to-date.
  • data-turbo-frame identifies the Turbo Frame to navigate. Refer to the Frames documentation for further details.
  • data-turbo-preload signals to Drive to pre-fetch the next page’s content
  • data-turbo-action customizes the Visit action. Valid values are replace or advance. Can also be used with Turbo Frames to promote frame navigations to page visits.
  • data-turbo-permanent persists the element between page loads. The element must have a unique id attribute. It also serves to exclude elements from being morphed when using page refreshes with morphing
  • data-turbo-temporary removes the element before the document is cached, preventing it from reappearing when restored.
  • data-turbo-eval="false" prevents inline script elements from being re-evaluated on Visits.
  • data-turbo-method changes the link request type from the default GET. Ideally, non-GET requests should be triggered with forms, but data-turbo-method might be useful where a form is not possible.
  • data-turbo-stream specifies that a link or form can accept a Turbo Streams response. Turbo automatically requests stream responses for form submissions with non-GET methods; data-turbo-stream allows Turbo Streams to be used with GET requests as well.
  • data-turbo-confirm presents a confirm dialog with the given value. Can be used on form elements or links with data-turbo-method.
  • data-turbo-submits-with specifies text to display when submitting a form. Can be used on input or button elements. While the form is submitting the text of the element will show the value of data-turbo-submits-with. After the submission, the original text will be restored. Useful for giving user feedback by showing a message like “Saving…” while an operation is in progress.

Automatically Added Attributes

The following attributes are automatically added by Turbo and are useful to determine the Visit state at a given moment.

  • disabled is added to the form submitter while the form request is in progress, to prevent repeat submissions.
  • data-turbo-preview is added to the html element when displaying a preview during a Visit.
  • data-turbo-visit-direction is added to the html element during a visit, with a value of forward or back or none, to indicate its direction.
  • aria-busy is added to html and turbo-frame elements when a navigation is in progress.

Meta Tags

The following meta elements, added to the head, can be used to customize caching and Visit behavior.